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Player crashes when building IAP demo scene and deploying from Xcode

Package: Purchasing


How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project (
2. Go to File -> Build Settings
3. Enable the 'Create Xcode Project' option and build it
3. Deploy the project from Xcode

Reproducible with: 3.0.1-pre.3 (2019.4.22f1, 2020.3.1f1), 3.0.1-pre.6 (2021.2.0a9), 3.0.1 (2021.1.0f1)
Could not test with: 2.2.2 (2018.4.32f1) (errors when downgrading)

  1. Resolution Note:

    MONO_DEBUG=explicit-null-checks /Applications/

    Start Xcode this way in order to avoid it breaking for null checks. steps to get this working:
    1. In Xcode go to Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme
    2. In the 'Arguments' tab add a new environment variable with the name 'MONO_DEBUG' and value 'explicit-null-checks'
    3. Run the project

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