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[Playables] PlayableGraph.Evaluate() has no effect if called in Start()



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached "" project
2. Open scene "SampleScene"
3. Enter Play mode
4. In the console, observe that the hip rotation value is identical before and after calling Evaluate at time 0
5. Focus the Game view and press "Z"
6. In the console, observe that the hip rotation value is now different when calling Evaluate at time 0

Expected results: The printed value should be identical when calling Evaluate in Start() and in Update()
Actual results: When Evaluate is called in Start() it has no effect on the printed value

Reproducible with: 2018.4.10f1, 2019.2.7f1, 2019.3.0b3, 2020.1.0a7

  1. Resolution Note:

    The issue is cause by the execution order ( of the play loop. When we enter the play loop, Start() or Awake() happen before the scene rendering Cull is called, the renderer never got a chance to be set visible. Since the Animator will only animate Visible object it will be skipped in this case. A workaround to have evaluate working all the time would be to change the "Culling Mode" in Animator to "Always Animated", call Evaluate then switch it back to the before state. This issue can also be viewed on the first few Update() after the Start().

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