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Physics.OverlapCapsule doesn't detect Terrain Collider when Terrain Heightmap Resolution is 513x513 (or lower)



To reproduce:
1. Open attached project ("")
2. Enter Play mode
3. In the Game view window click "Check Collisions" button
4. Observe the results

Expected result: "Detected 1 collisions" is printed in the Game view
Actual result: "Detected 0 collisions" is printed in the Game view

Reproducible in: 2019.3.0f5, 2019.4.5f1, 2020.1.0a19, 2020.1.0f1, 2020.2.0a18
Not reproducible in: 2018.4.25f1, 2019.3.0f4, 2020.1.0a1, 2020.1.0a18

Note: Collisions are being detected in some cases (can be observed by clicking "Set Positions for 1 collision" button before step 3)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in: 2022.1.0a2

Comments (3)

  1. kobyfr

    Oct 28, 2022 15:25

    well, that did not get solved... and anyway, my heightmap resolution is 4096x4096.
    terrain collision with small objects still goes undetected, in 2022.1.21f1.

  2. kobyfr

    Oct 28, 2022 15:02

    thanks for fixing this... I did not understand why after applying a height map to my terrain, it no longer generates collision events for small objects.

  3. LeonardoMello

    Feb 19, 2021 00:17

    I noticed this same flaw in a collision test on my Player, where the OverlapCapsule is used to check if it is on the ground. The amount of collisions hovers from 0 to 1 as it moves, causing the player's jumping system to fail. This failure stops when the player is on top of objects other than the terrain. I increased the heightmap resolution to 1025 x 1025, and the failure ceased. In fact, there is still an oscillation, but it is almost imperceptible.

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