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Performance data is being sent when Analytics are disabled in Runtime on Mobile Devices



To reproduce:
1. Open the testing project;
2. Make sure Analytics, Cloud Diagnostics, HW Stats, Performance Reporting are enabled;
3. Build and run the project for Android or iOS devices;
4. After the app/apk launches, press all buttons on the screen to disable Analytics, Cloud Diagnostics, HW Stats, Performance Reporting;
5. Move app to the background and open it back again;
6. Clean all the data that was sent before;
7. Start recording;
8. Repeat step 5.

Expected result: no data was sent when everything is disabled during Runtime.
Actual result: performance request was sent:

Reproduced with: 2018.3.0a7, 2018.3.0b12, 2019.1.0a11

Fixed in: 2019.1.0b6

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