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[Perforce] Unity fails to checkout project assets

Version Control


To Reproduce:

1. Put attached project inside a workspace & set up a connection to Perforce.
2. Submit everything in the default changelist.
3. Click Connect.
4. Quickly open scene "main".
5. Unity will be in a state where it doesn't automatically checkout a scene if saved and other assets such as materials can be edited and saved without first needing checkout.
6. If you leave the project open, after a few minutes Unity will return to a working state where assets can be checked out properly.

Comments (8)

  1. 4d1d71df5bf058ff1bed62dd7b3e7ea8?d=mm


    Sep 13, 2016 22:38

    Getting an error from P4 Connect. P4 Connect says the following files could not be checked out. I cannot check out the files with in Unity with the P4 Connect tools. If I check out the files in P4, I still get the error message in Unity.

  2. 2218d5ed4dbb5d216720c9da978e6a21?d=mm


    Jan 28, 2016 19:30

    Still getting this issue as well.

  3. 8ebcd911dd608fb2dc9a445f07dfeac7?d=mm


    Jan 05, 2016 16:50

    I think this is still happening in 5.3.1. I have to check out the file scene in the project window.

  4. 23fc1fee8fb80696c3d101bd17b3e7cb?d=mm


    Jun 23, 2015 13:35

    A fix is ready and will be in an upcoming 5.1 patch release.

  5. Edd92b18b6c86015fc0bc0f986a1a8bd?d=mm


    Jun 17, 2015 23:40

    I've had a similar issue since I started using Perforce with Unity 4.5, and issues still persist today with Unity 5.1. However, it's not just related to scene files ... sometimes unity just simply makes a prefab editable in the inspector without checking out the file from perforce, and no version control operations can be done on the prefab.

  6. 7e0bc62a3afa2ee8a34429166721224c?d=mm


    Jun 02, 2015 22:22

    I get this as well:

    Every time I start, I get "Cannot set mode of files in offline mode" followed by "User XXXX logged out. (level 48)"

    Finally, there is a console message saying "can't add existing file (level 48)" about all of the files in the ProjectSettings folder.

  7. 892284467e71f6dcd9ee64e843f9ad87?d=mm


    Mar 19, 2015 10:44

    Still happening on Unity 5.0.0f4

  8. 9943a7014c028c07473bf5014670b476?d=mm


    Feb 12, 2015 16:35

    Still not checking scenes out for me in Unity5 beta.

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