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Perforce integration - Attempting to add a P4Ignore ignored file does nothing

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1. Set up a Unity test project with Perforce integration configured
2. Create a P4Ignore file at the root of your project with an excluded path in its definition (e.g. "**/Assets/NetCodeGenerated")
3. Configure Perforce to use the P4Ignore file by running the console command at the root of the project: p4 set P4IGNORE="<name of p4ignore file>"
4. Create a file in the ignored path via the Unity editor
5. With the file selected/shown in the Inspector pane, press the Add button on the upper right

Current behavior: Nothing happens
Desired behavior: A warning or error log or message box comes up explaining that the file can not be added as it falls under a P4Ignore's definition

If I attempt to add the same file in P4V, a pop up comes up noting that the file was not marked for add, as it is ignored. Without any feedback from the Editor on the Add attempt, a user may think that it actually worked or will be confused by it not doing anything.

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