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[Package Manager] User Not Logged In error appears if the editor is launched with the My Assets tab open



If you launch the editor with the My Assets section of the Package Manager open, you'll receive the following log in the console once the asset list has been refreshed.

[PackageManager] Error User not logged in

The Package Manager will also display an error saying "Error fetching packages, see console". Manually refreshing the package list at this point will NOT clear the error, even though the package list refreshes correctly.

I cannot reproduce this on 2020.1, so looks 2019.3 specific.

1. Open Unity and create a new project
2. Ensure that the Package Manager window is open and is set to the My Assets Tab
3. Close the editor
4. Open the editor again and open the previous project
5. When the editor opens, wait for the Package Manager to refresh

Expected Result:
The Package Manager completes the refresh process with no errors.

Actual Result:
The Package Manager displays a User Not Logged In error even though the packages are refreshed correctly.

Tested on Windows 10.

Reproduced on 2019.3.0f5, 2019.3.0b2

Cannot reproduce on 2020.1.0a19, 2019.3.0a12

Blocked from testing on 2019.3.0b1

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2019.3):

    Verified fixed on

    Version 2019.4.6f1 (a7aea80e3716) Personal
    Tue, 21 Jul 2020 18:49:45 GMT
    Branch: 2019.4/staging

  2. Response avatar

    Resolution Note (fix version 2019.4):

    Verified in

    Version 2019.4.7f1 (e992b1a16e65) Personal
    Wed, 29 Jul 2020 13:51:28 GMT
    Branch: 2019.4/staging

Comments (36)

  1. 7ca3bdc054011bce5bb1ef8527c82bf4?d=mm


    Dec 26, 2020 02:19

    Reproduced in 2020.2.1f1

  2. 9580fe915565cab5119af97a6a7d0cd1?d=mm


    Dec 09, 2020 10:02

    Pareil sur 2020.4.16f1

  3. B70be5d23c0a4255ee079feb1a433c9e?d=mm


    Dec 07, 2020 09:01

    PS: Pretty sure this started to happen after switching from Ethernet to WiFi, then back to Ethernet

  4. B70be5d23c0a4255ee079feb1a433c9e?d=mm


    Dec 07, 2020 08:58

    Not fixed in 2019.4.16f1

  5. 1daec661637e4a7332256ff25afc8520?d=mm


    Dec 04, 2020 07:40

    Reproduced in 2020.1.15f1

  6. 24d7b1ef31f8bfc44b7896a33ca0a917?d=mm


    Nov 27, 2020 06:56

    Reproduced in 2020.1.13f1

  7. F3bdc091233d9b4e4feabda7dc83289e?d=mm


    Nov 26, 2020 08:10

    Not fixed... please reopen...

    I had docker installed but removing the Docker virtual driver as noted in previous comment did not work for me.

  8. Eb6e9a5c4113c10f4cb24c8115742cef?d=mm


    Nov 20, 2020 16:26

    Reproduced in 2020.1.13f1

  9. E3e155ab3a94c789f014c29387ca404b?d=mm


    Nov 02, 2020 17:50

    I am having the same issue on Unity 2019..4.11f1 on specific project. Also services window is empty. The asset store window is ok. If I create a new project the issue is not present

  10. 66bdace10be1b716de5fca54b8b8fc8e?d=mm


    Oct 24, 2020 02:35

    Reproduced on 2020.1.10f1

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