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P4 Credentials are lost when cleaning the Library folder

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Perforce credentials are kept in the Library folder. When we clean the Library in a unity project our credentials are lost and we need to add them to the project again.

The credentials should be stored elsewhere since the library folder may be cleared out by developers.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.3):

    The Perforce Credentials will no longer be saved in the Library folder in 2020.1 and newer versions

Comments (3)

  1. bakbakim

    May 08, 2023 00:44

    It is generally not advised to keep private data, like Perforce login credentials, in a directory that developers can remove. Such data can be lost or unintentionally deleted, thus storing it in the Library folder of a Unity project is not a secure or dependable solution.

    It is advised to keep Perforce credentials separate and secure, such as on a dedicated server or in a password manager, to maintain their security and accessibility. With this strategy, unauthorised access and unintentional deletion would be better protected.

    In order to keep the security measures for storing sensitive information current and effective, it is also crucial to regularly examine and update them.

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  2. Chloeman

    Mar 27, 2020 14:34

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  3. yoyobbi

    Jul 03, 2018 18:19

    On our large project we often find Unity checking out a lot of files from Perforce that we don't expect. Sometimes the solution is to delete the Library folder to force a full reimport - unfortunately this gives the illusion of cleaning up the problem because deleting the Library folder removes the P4 credentials, meaning that of course nothing gets checked out during the import because Unity isn't talking to P4.

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