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Fixed in 2021.1.X

Fixed in 2018.4.X, 2019.4.X, 2020.1.X, 2020.2.X



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Order of Asset Bundle setup affects the contents of the Asset Bundles that depend on them

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How to reproduce:
1. Set the Asset Bundle of cat2 to 'ab2'
2. Set the Asset Bundle of cat1 to 'ab1'
3. Use the menu item 'Assets/Build AssetBundles' to build the bundles
4. Rename the asset bundle folder to 'AssetBundles_old' or similar
5. Set the Asset Bundle of both cats to 'None'
6. Use the same Asset Bundle dropdown on one of the cats to select 'Remove Unused Names'
7. Set the AssetBundle for cat1 to ab1
8. Set the AssetBundle for cat2 to ab2
9. Choose the menu item 'Assets/Build AssetBundles' again
10. Use a diff checker program (e.g. Beyond Compare) to compare 'main.manifest' in each of the folders, 'AssetBundles' and 'AssetBundles_old'

Expected result: The manifests are identical
Actual result: The crc (line 2) is different, and the Dependencies at the end are in a different order

Reproducible with: 2018.4.28f1, 2019.4.12f1, 2020.1.8f1, 2020.2.0b6

- Alternative way of reproducing the is to run a test in the attached project named "SetupOrderOfDependentBundles_DoesNotAlter_MainBundle"

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.1):

    Fixed in - 2021.1.0a2

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.2):

    Fixed in - 2020.2.0b12

  3. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.1):

    Fixed in - 2020.1.14f1

  4. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.4):

    Fixed in - 2019.4.15f1

  5. Resolution Note (fix version 2018.4):

    Fixed in - 2018.4.30f1

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