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[OpenXR] Settings are not loaded for Oculus Quest when the Unity Editor build is executed in batchmode

Package: XR Management


How to reproduce:
1. Download the user's attached project: "case_1348587_repro"
2. Navigate through the explorer to the Unity's editor installation folder
3. In the command window run the following command "unity.exe -batchmode -executemethod CustomBuild.CheckFeatures -projectpath d:\temp\case_1348587_repro -logfile test.log -quit"
4. Wait a few minutes and then check the log file "test.log" located in the Editor's folder

Expected result: No errors appear
Actual result: The following error appears "Package Settings Corrupt"

Reproducible with:
Open XR 4.0.6 (2020.3.15f1)
Open XR 4.1.0-pre.2 (2021.1.16f1, 2021.2.0b6, 2022.1.0a4)
Not reproducible with:
Open XR 4.0.5 (2020.3.15f1)
Could not test with: 2019.4.29f1 (project breaks after downgrading)

- Make sure to change the commands project's path accordingly, or move the project to a folder located in "d:\temp"

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