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Only first scene in streamedSceneAssetBundle is available for load



BuildPipeline.BuildStreamedSceneAssetBundle only works for first scene.

1. In the Editor select the Menu Item 'Test -> CreateBundle' to run an editor script to create a streamedSceneAssetBundle.
2. Insure that the scene loaded after creating the bundle has a script attatched to the camera. The script should be named 'assetBundleTest5'
3. Click play.
4. Press 'L' to load the bundle and scenes.
5. Observe the error when trying to load scene 'Test2'.
6. Also observe the logged info showing that Application.CanStreamedLevelBeLoaded() returns true for the first scene and false for the second scene.

Regression: 4*
Reproduced: 5.0.0f3

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