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[Oculus GO][Oculus Quest] Object is jittering when position is being affected by Time.deltaTime



To reproduce:
1. Open attached project ""
2. Build and run for Oculus Quest
3. While in application, observe the moving object

Result: the object is jittering resulting in blur-like graphical artifacts

Reproduced in: 2019.1.0b1, 2019.1.5f1, 2019.2.0b5, 2019.3.0a5
Not reproduced in: 2017.4.29f1, 2018.3.14f1, 2018.4.1f1,2019.1.0a15

Note: can be reproduced on any project as the only condition is using Time.DeltaTime

Comments (17)

  1. dchen05

    Jul 16, 2019 02:56

    Also experiencing thing bug. It has wrecked all our motion and animation and is holding up our quest launch. Let us know how we can help this get fixed :)

  2. StudioEvil

    Jul 09, 2019 15:29

    Same here on Quest, Unity 2019.1.7f1.

    72 fps, head tracking is smooth, controllers tracking is mooth, but every object moved by code in the Update method (with time.deltaTime) is jittering.

  3. blackfox_studio

    Jul 06, 2019 23:27

    Experiencing the same problem on 2019.1.9f1 with a relatively simple scene. If I grab an object and I move my head quickly the movement looks quite jitty. Strangely, it seems affecting more the objects than the local avatar hands which are more fluid.

  4. NeilC_VP

    Jul 03, 2019 11:07

    Hi, is there an ETA for this fix? We are also seeing this issue and cannot downgrade our project so are waiting for a resolution.

  5. mohydineName

    Jun 19, 2019 07:23

    Do we have an ETA for this fix? This is holding me from upgrading to 2019.1

  6. DanjelRicci

    Jun 12, 2019 04:51

    I’m seeing this on Unity 2019.1.4 with Oculus implementation 1.36 and 1.37.

    In my case the jitter problem is on the OVRPlayerController: as I move around, it often looks like it’s skipping frames and the motion is not fluid, even with a basically empty scene.

  7. ethanicus

    Jun 09, 2019 22:19

    2019.1.5f1 - Definitely still present for Oculus Go. Nothing I do seems to help. Moving past a wall with a grid, you can see the vertical lines "doubling up".

    Using the OVRPlayerController prefab.

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