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[DX11][5.3]Objects in scene view become impossible to select if scene contains reflective water




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 2No workaround

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open attached project ""
2. Open scene "repro"
3. In scene view click on cube to select it
4. Notice that cube isn't selected

Not reproducible with: DX9 or OpenGL

Regression introduced in 5.3.2p2
Reproduced with: 5.3.2p3, 5.3.4p2
Not reproducible with 5.4

Comments (12)

  1. 841d859e5d577ff792fa2ee77667da73?d=mm


    Sep 06, 2016 14:53

    Same issue here... in fresh 5.3.6p4 :(

  2. 03803b8c5ea28d9451b7b53e1a2c1ab2?d=mm


    Jul 29, 2016 09:04

    Also happens under GLCore 4.5!

  3. C4febfca062df959c1c7a46f24801897?d=mm


    Jul 20, 2016 23:09

    Like "SeriousACZ" pointed out, if you change the rendering time to happen in OnRenderObjects() instead of OnWillRenderObjects() it will not bug out the selection. As of Unity 5.3.5 there seems to no trade-off to that

  4. E875f6a219d5e498d6f820dd3272032b?d=mm


    Jun 09, 2016 09:55

    It still happens in 5.3.5 for me.

  5. 6ef26542c714ad649e52377ec04ae510?d=mm


    Jun 08, 2016 18:39

    Same here on 5.4b17 with a script derived from the standard water reflection.

    Note: if the rendering happens during OnWillRenderObject(), the view looks correct in the scene view but I can't select anything. If I click, there seems to be a significant chance the scene view will freeze and Unity will crash.

    If I switch the rendering to happen in OnRenderObject() for the scene view, the gizmos and lines are messed up (rendering into the reflection instead), but I can click on things and I avoid the crash.

  6. 20d7aeb388b320bed1c3ca83c1fc4530?d=mm


    May 12, 2016 21:44

    Same issue here - with reflective script

  7. 20d7aeb388b320bed1c3ca83c1fc4530?d=mm


    May 12, 2016 21:44

    Same issue here - with reflective script

  8. 3826b4d42892778f649fa8c0ce0e42b4?d=mm


    Apr 08, 2016 06:48

    This only happens when using DX11

  9. E875f6a219d5e498d6f820dd3272032b?d=mm


    Mar 22, 2016 09:41

    I have the same problem now with 5.3.4. But here it says it will be fixed in 5.3.5, so let's hope.

  10. 989187c895635538a21addb18a9a4fab?d=mm


    Mar 18, 2016 14:23

    Since 5.3.4 it seems that you have to Click and Drag to select an object in the Scene View.

    So I think they removed the Point and Click, which is unfortunate and was really practical. Not sure if they did it on purpose or not.

    But now you have to Click and Drag to the Selection Box cover the whole GameObject to select it, I'm not a fan.

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