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#pragma target in some shader does not work



Setting pragma target does not seem to affect certain shaders.

Repro steps:
1. Open TestScene from the attached project.
2. Open the Tessalation and the 2DTextureArray shaders (in the Shaders folder)
3. Observe how both are set to #pragma target 2.0 and yet show their full functionality in the scene view (2d texture array shader is gray, no texture assigned) :)
4. Go to Edit - Graphics Emulation and switch to Shader Model 2.
5. Observe that the advanced features of the shaders no longer work (as expected) and/or they go to their fallbacks.

Expected outcome: advanced shader features to not work when #pragma target is set in shader to a lower value than is needed for them.

- pragma target seems to work on the standard shader
- tested for regressions in 5.1 : issue still present.

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