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[Noise] Remap curves still editable when remap is disabled

Visual Effects - Legacy


The "Remap" option via "Noise" in the particle system includes an off\on toggle. I've noticed when off\disabled the small curve graphs are greyed out but the larger graph (At the bottom of the inspector) still shows the curve and is editable,updating the smaller graphs. Video Repo attached

- Greyed out menus should not be editable.
- Curves should not appear in the larger edit window when disabled

1. Open any project or start a new one
2. In the project hierarchy > Create > Effects > Particle System
3. In the particle inspector navigate to "Noise"
4. Enable "Separate Axes"
5. Enable "Remap" (toggle) and change some of the curve settings
6. Disable "Remap"
Notice issue >> The user is still able to edit and change the curve in the larger curve editor when Remap is disabled.

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