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[New Scripting Runtime] il2cpp build throws exception for the scenario



1. What happened
Testing on 'Best HTTP' A$ package (!/content/10872).
Reproduced with the new runtime, il2cpp build for UWP.
Other combinations for UWP didn't produce the erro: 4.6 + .net; 3.5 + .net; 3.5 + il2cpp.

The error:
Exception thrown at 0x00007FFD35759D2A (ntdll.dll) in New Unity Project 1.exe: 0xC0000008: An invalid handle was specified.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
- Build for UWP, new runtime, il2cpp
- Launch (I was launching in Debug from VS2015)
- On the left select 'WebSocket Samples > Echo'
- At the bottom of the app click 'Start Sample'
- At the bottom select 'Open Web Socket'
- At the bottom right select 'Back'
At this point the exception is caught by VS.

Comments (1)

  1. Bb1fdbfd531f63500fa35874b89ae607?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2018 17:34

    I'm seeing these exceptions as well. They don't seem to cause any problems - my socket connections are going through. I'm also using UWP on IL2CPP building against .NET 4.6 (with Unity 5.6.3p4).

    It's strange that this exception is "by design"? Just on this one platform...?

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