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NetworkDiscovery always produces an error when StopBroadcast() is called as side-effect of OnReceivedBroadcast



Reproduction Steps:
1. Open attached project.
2. Open "LocalDiscovery" scene.
3. Build & Run project in Standalone Player.
4. Wait until server is started in Standalone Player.
5. Enter Play mode back in Unity.

Result: Unity gives out error:
host id out of bound id {-1} max id should be greater 0 and less than {1}

Reproducible with: 5.5.1f1, 5.6.0b6

Note: Not reproducible with previous versions.

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    Resolution Note:

    Mass closure of UNET Bugs.
    As UNet is Deprecated we are moving to low maintenance mode, where critical issues can get fixes.
    Closing this bug as part of cleaning-up the Bug List.

    If you feel this bug is really a road-blocker, you can reopen the bug and we will work this one.

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  1. Fd2ebae5013758068e2292f7c2b81573?d=mm


    Sep 04, 2017 14:45

    Also StopBroadcast() doesn't actually stop broadcasting. It just continues. It was stated to be fixed in 5.5 here: which is plain wrong. I'm adding 2017.1.0p5 to the list.

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