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Nested Prefabs hideflags are not applied when Prefab is saved

Scene Management


How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached '' project
2. Go to the Project tab -> "Scenes" and open "SampleScene" scene
3. Go to the Hierarchy tab, select 'PrefabCreator' object and click on the 'Create' button in the Inspector tab
4. Expand 'ParentPrefab' and observe 'Prefab' object. Notice the "DontSaveInEditor" checkbox is marked
5. Go to Project tab -> "Prefabs" folder and double-click on "Prefab" asset
6. Modify prefab (ex. change transform position) and make sure 'Auto-Save' is on
7. Come back to the "SampleScene" scene "Prefab" instance and observe "DontSaveInEditor" checkbox

Expected result: Checkbox is marked
Actual result: Checkbox is unmarked

Reproducible: 2018.3.13f1, 2019.1.0f2, 2019.2.0a12, 2018.2.21f1 (a122f5dc316d)

  1. Resolution Note:

    This is by design.
    Prefab instance objects do not own their hideflags. The hideflags are controlled by the underlying PrefabInstance object, so every time the prefab is merged the hideflags from the PrefabInstance object is propagated to the instantiated objects.
    To achieve the result the user wants, the user should change from this:

    GameObject obj = (GameObject)PrefabUtility.InstantiatePrefab(t.Prefab);
    obj.transform.SetParent(t.Parent, false);
    obj.hideFlags = HideFlags.DontSaveInEditor;


    GameObject obj = (GameObject)PrefabUtility.InstantiatePrefab(t.Prefab);
    obj.transform.SetParent(t.Parent, false);
    PrefabUtility.GetPrefabInstanceHandle(obj).hideFlags = HideFlags.DontSaveInEditor;

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