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Mutiple Update and Start functions in C# Preview

Package: Visual Scripting Bugs


Removing the Start and Update functions from your graph, then re-add them will cause the C# Preview to add another Update and Start function.

Start and Update appear as normal in the graph but the C# Preview will have Start(), Start1(), Update(), Update1(). 

Any new nodes added to the graph will appear under Start1(), Update1(). 

Expected: There should only be mono behavior per script Start(), Update(), etc... 

Steps to reproduce
* Create a Bolt component on a game object
* Add a flow graph
* Open the C# preview (Window > Bolt C# Preview)
* Remove the Start and Update nodes from your graph
* Add the Start and Update back into your graph

Notice Issue >> Start1() and Update1() are added to the C# preview along with Update() and Start()


  1. Resolution Note:

    It seems this is how Bolt 2 handles multiple graphs under the same class.

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