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[Metal][HDRP] Error creating pipeline state (Hidden/HDRP/CopyDepthBuffer) in HDRP graphic test



When launching the HDRP graphic test on Metal, very often an error happen.

Unhandled log message: '[Error] Metal: Error creating pipeline state (Hidden/HDRP/CopyDepthBuffer): depthAttachmentPixelFormat is not valid and shader writes to depth
(null)'. Use UnityEngine.TestTools.LogAssert.Expect

How to reproduce step:
Run HDRP graphic test on Yamato:
and you get this result 80% of the time

Note: None of HDRP people have a Mac, so we don't know if this happen locally or only on Yamato, but on Yamato it is very frequent, appear on our nightly build 80% of the time.

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