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[Memory Profiler] ALLOC_DEFAULT_MAIN is reported as not used on Android, even though the Dynamic Heap Allocator is used



The Memory Profiler Package incorrectly warns about System Allocator being in use on Android devices (which can no longer use it due to an allocator change in Android 11). It bases this assumption on a non 0 sized memory usage within ALLOC_DEFAULT_MAIN, which is not included in the recorder memory data.

Steps To Reproduce:
1. Grab a project with some content in it, e.g
2. Add the Memory Profiler Package to the project
3. Make an android build, deploy it, connect to it and take a snapshot with the memory profiler
4. Open the Snapshot, check the Top Issues
5. And on the Objects And Allocations page, switch the table to Raw / All Memory Regions, search for ALLOC_DEFAULT_MAIN

Actual: ALLOC_DEFAULT_MAIN is reported as occupying address null, aka 0x...0 with an Address Size of 0 B. Top Issues warns of System Allocator being in use.
Expected: ALLOC_DEFAULT_MAIN is reported as occupying a valid address and having a size. Top Issues does not warn of System Allocator being in use.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.2):

    Fixed : 2022.2.0a1

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