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Fixed in 2017.2.0f3

Duplicate in 5.6.X, 2017.1.X

Fixed in 5.6.X, 2017.1.X



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Memory leak when Development Build is focused after using the Profiler



To reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Go to "Build Settings"
3. Enable "Development Build"
4. Press "Build & Run"
5. Go to Editor and enable Profiler, connect it to the build (Connected Player>WindowsPlayer(***))
6. Connect Profiler to Editor and close the Profiler window
7. Open the Task Manager
8. Focus the Build window and observe Memory usage in the Task Manager

Desired outcome: Memory allocation is stable and is not growing.
Actual result: Memory growth for the build keeps increasing continuously when the build is focused.

Reproduced with 5.5.1f1, 5.5.4p3, 5.6.1f1, 5.6.3f1, 2017.1.0p4, 2017.2.0b8
Not reproduced with 2017.3.0a4

Fixed in: 5.6.3p4, 2017.1.1p2, 2017.2.0b10

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  1. OmarVectorX

    Dec 06, 2017 08:17

    The bug still exist in 2017.2.0f3

    however, you dont need to do any build, just run inside the editor and the observe the memory usage in task manager when using profile :D

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