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[macOS] Player doesn't relaunch when doing build and run few times in a row without closing player



*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Create a new project

2. Build and Run to the macOS Platform

3. After Player opens up keep it open

4. Go back to Unity Editor

5. Add Cube GameObject to the Scene and save it

6. Build and Run to the macOS Platform

*Actual results:* The first Player running in the background opens up instead of the second one

*Expected results:* Second Player opens up with added Cube

*Reproducible with versions:* 2021.3.40f1, 2022.3.38f1, 6000.0.10f1

*Tested and reproduced on devices:* 
* MacBook Pro, 16-inch, 2021, Apple M1 Max, macOS: Ventura 14.5
* MacBook Pro, 15-inch, 2017, Radeon Pro 560 4 GB, Intel HD Graphics 630, 1536 MB. macOS: Ventura 13.5.2

*Tested and not reproduced on device:* 
* Windows 11 Pro, Inte(R) Xeon(R) W-2145 CPU @ 3.70GHZ, version: 23H2

* On Windows the first Player keeps running and on top of that second Player is opened, so they are running simultaneously

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