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[Linux/Mac] Crash on BackupState::MemoryIDToFileID::operator() when creating a new project from “3D Sample Scene (HDRP)” template

Package: New Input System Bugs


Reproduction steps:
1. Create a new project from the “3D Sample Scene (HDRP)” template
2. Wait until Unity Editor finishes loading

Expected results: Unity Editor finishes loading and you can use it as usual
Actual results: Unity Editor crashes

Reproducible with: 2023.3.0a13, 2023.3.0b1, 2023.3.0b4
Not reproducible with: 2021.3.34f1, 2022.3.18f1, 2023.2.7f1, 2023.3.0a12

Reproduced on: Ubuntu 23.10, Ubuntu 22.04.3, and mac
Not reproduced on: Windows 10, Windows 11

First lines of the stack trace:
#0 0x0055ab6e910a0c in burst_signal_handler(int, siginfo_t*, void*)
#1 0x007fc2ec242520 in __sigaction
#2 0x007fc2ec398db1 in __nss_database_lookup
#3 0x0055ab6ed0550c in BackupState::MemoryIDToFileID::operator()(TypeTreeIterator const&, core::vector<unsigned char, core::allocator<unsigned char, 0ul> >&, int)
#4 0x0055ab6ed4ad75 in bool IterateTypeTreeEx<IterateTypeTreeFunctorAdaptor<BackupState::MemoryIDToFileID> >(TypeTreeIterator const&, core::vector<unsigned char, core::allocator<unsigned char, 0ul> >&, int*, IterateTypeTreeFunctorAdaptor<BackupState::MemoryIDToFileID>&, bool)
#5 0x0055ab6ed42678 in void SerializableManagedRefTransfer::Transfer<SerializableManagedRefBackupGenerator>(Object*, SerializableManagedRef&, StreamedBinaryWrite&, bool)
#6 0x0055ab6ee6e2ab in SerializedFile::WriteObject(Object&, long, short, BuildUsageTag const&, GlobalBuildData const&)
#7 0x0055ab70589d50 in GetDirtyAssetContents(core::hash_map<core::basic_string<char, core::StringStorageDefault<char> >, core::vector<unsigned char, core::allocator<unsigned char, 0ul> >, core::hash<core::basic_string<char, core::StringStorageDefault<char> > >, std::equal_to<core::basic_string<char, core::StringStorageDefault<char> > > >&)
#8 0x0055ab705442c5 in SourceAssetDBWriteTxn::RefreshStage3_OverlayDirtyAssets()

Note: 2023.3.0a13 - 2023.3.0a14 crashes without bug reporter opening and Editor.log doesn’t contain a proper stack trace

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