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Lightmap size is not responsive since unity 4.3

Global Illumination


To reproduce:
1) Open the attached project and open 'test' scene
2) Press lighmapping tab and select 'Terrain' game object.
3) Try to change lightmap size in 'Object' tab to something other that 1024, 128 for example.
4) Press 'Bake scene'
5) After baking, you will notice that texture size 1024x1024, no matter what size you choose. It should be size of that you set before baking

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  1. 933dcf5b8b24cded91a1a9cba00f4991?d=mm


    Jan 17, 2014 01:07

    I found a solution to this problem. First, follow everything in the steps above, but stop when you change the lightmap size of the terrain. After you changed it to the desired value, save the scene and exit out of Unity. Relaunch Unity and the value should be saved even when you bake it. Tested with Unity 4.3.1f1

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