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[LightProbes] Probes lose their lighting data after entering Play mode when Baked and Realtime GI are enabled

Global Illumination


Steps to reproduce:

1. Download the attached project and open SimpleOutdoorsA scene
2. Make sure that both baked and realtime GI are enabled in the Lighting settings
3. Make sure that Auto Generate is disabled in Lighting settings
4. Enter play mode
5. Notice that light probes have lost their lighting data


- Reproduced in: 2017.4.6f1, 2018.1.4f1, 2018.2.0b8, 2018.3.0a1 (330986351f8d), 2018.3.0a3 (0ac1bca97520)
- Affects both desktop and mobile platforms

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    Resolution Note:

    This issue has been identified as having low priority and has been closed without a fix. If the bug has no workaround and is blocking your production please feel free to reopen it with any additional information you might have. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.

Comments (6)

  1. 6ab412814f04b38fda1f50a94486ab2c?d=mm


    Feb 02, 2020 01:58

    so, is that it? "WON'T FIX"... are we going to just have to deal with crappy lighting for the rest of our lives? >__>

  2. C89837c372b16c751edca74ddd80e427?d=mm


    Sep 27, 2019 14:34

    Only happens when baking with plm. Every version I tried since plm introduction.

  3. 75b931994af313ce4eaf43cc4b44b507?d=mm


    Aug 31, 2019 20:46

    It's still there in Unity 2019.1.14. and not even a comment here. Unbelivable. I am really close to switch to other engine after 4 years of using Unity...

  4. 75b931994af313ce4eaf43cc4b44b507?d=mm


    Apr 29, 2019 02:58

    Addition: this data loss is observable only when baking light with Progressive Lightmapper. The problem was caused by the Ambient Light in Realtime mode.

  5. 75b931994af313ce4eaf43cc4b44b507?d=mm


    Apr 28, 2019 22:58

    Same. 2018.3.12f1. To be more accurate, only the indirect lighting data is lost in my case.

  6. 8e06806141717b6e6465e2d9d32fdf65?d=mm


    Mar 06, 2019 11:04

    We are having the same problem in version 2018.3.7f1

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