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[iOS] Screen.orientation breaks touch input



iOS Player stops detecting touch input after setting Screen.orientation from a script.

1. Build and run the project on an iOS device.
2. Press the “EMIT PARTICLE” button. This time it works properly.
3. Press the “ROTATE SCREEN” button. It sets ScreenOrientation.LandscapeLeft to Screen.orientation.
4. Press the “EMIT PARTICLE” button again. This time it doesn’t work.

Comments (16)

  1. edwon

    Mar 23, 2019 01:57

    still exists even in 2018.3.6f1 apparently

  2. zero_null

    Mar 01, 2016 14:01

    I am still facing this and related issue in Unity 5.3.2f1, iOS 9.2.1 (If it's important)
    I am unable to even rotate iDevice orientation which is working just perfectly for android.

  3. Jose Arias

    Nov 07, 2014 15:31

    We have problems only with iPhone 5. Same code in Iphone4 and iPad works right

  4. melgeorgiou

    Oct 24, 2014 18:09

    Still broken in 4.5.5p2 - and it looks like Unity have deleted several issues like this from the issue tracker. Not a good sign.

  5. eyalfx

    Oct 23, 2014 22:35

    still broken in 4.6.21

  6. eyalfx

    Oct 23, 2014 22:34

    still broken in 4.6.21

  7. kboudai

    Oct 22, 2014 21:33

    Still broken in Version 4.5.5f1 (7684ad0c5a44)

  8. eyalfx

    Oct 22, 2014 14:50

    I'm still having an issue with touch input after changing orientation on IOS 8 and 4.6(beta 21)

  9. Swagsuke

    Oct 15, 2014 09:12

    The issue is back on 4.5.4

  10. kboudai

    Sep 15, 2014 21:47

    Still a bug in 4.5.2f1.

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