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[iOS][Regression] Signing info gets broken when appending a project which doesen't use automatic signing management




Priority: 7Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

1. Build any project.
2. Disabled automatic signing and a select a provisioning profile.
3. Build in Unity and use append on the generated project:

The provisioning profile remains the same, but the 'Team id' is overridden to an empty string (assuming it's not set in Player Settings), this is bad because in manual mode the team cannot be changed (it's read only) and only changes when the profile is selected.

The expected behavior is that if provisioning is not setup in Unity, it does not overwrite the settings in the project on append. That is, no overwrite should happen if either:
- automatic signing is on and team id is not set
- automatic signing is off and provisioning profile id is not set

This is regression after fix for case 833121.

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