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[iOS] Launch Image is offset to the left, because of Trailing Space set in XIB



The launch image is offset to the left on iOS. This is due to the Trailing Space for the LaunchScreen-iPhone.xib and LaunchScreen-iPad.xib being set to 8.

To repro:
1: Open attached project
2: Build and run on iOS device (tested on iPhone 6 but this shouldn't matter)
3: See that the launch image is offset to the left compared to the (same) image displayed using the UI, covering the entire screen
4: See in Xcode project the LaunchScreen-iPhone.xib and LaunchScreen-iPad.xib that the Trailing Space is set to 8, change this to 0
5: Build and run on iOS device again and see the launch image is no longer offset

Images are also attached to help show the issue. image_launch.png shows the offset launch image, image_real.png shows what it should look like (what fullscreen UI image displays).

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