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Fixed in 2020.1.X

Fixed in 2018.4.X, 2019.2.X, 2019.3.X



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[iOS]crash on "lookup<core::basic_string<char, core::StringStorageDefault<char> > >() at hash_set.h:645:49" during Unity Cleanup



How to reproduce:
1. Download the project from the link provided in the Edit section or create a new one
2. Go to the File-> Build Settings-> Run in Xcode as Debug
3. Build for iOS and deploy the Xcode project to the iOS device
4. Open up the app switcher immediately on the black screen before the splash screen
5. Force quit the Player
6. Inspect the crash in the Xcode console
===Crash occurs===

Reproducible with: 2017.4.33f1, 2018.3.14f1, 2018.4.10f1, 2019.3.0b5, 2020.1.0a7

Reproducible with:
iPad Pro 12.9" (iOS 11.2.1)
iPad 5th generation (iOS 10.3.3)

Note: It was hard to figure out a way to pause the app right at the start-up, just keep pressing repeatedly the home button

First lines from the stack trace (see the full stack trace in the Edit section):
frame #0: 0x0000000102b35dcc wrukoladd`::lookup<core::basic_string<char, core::StringStorageDefault<char> > >() at hash_set.h:645:49 [opt]
frame #1: 0x0000000102b33d60 wrukoladd`::GetScriptingClass() [inlined] find at hash_map.h:185:23 [opt]
frame #2: 0x0000000102b33d58 wrukoladd`::GetScriptingClass() at MonoManager_Il2Cpp.cpp:173 [opt]
frame #3: 0x0000000102836234 wrukoladd`::InitializeCoreScriptingClasses() at CoreScriptingClasses.cpp:23:38 [opt]
frame #4: 0x00000001028361a8 wrukoladd`::GetCoreScriptingClassesPtr() at CoreScriptingClasses.cpp:2057:3 [opt]
frame #5: 0x0000000102835b1c wrukoladd`::Internal_ApplicationWantsToQuit() [inlined]

Comments (5)

  1. ryanjay100

    Nov 02, 2022 00:24

    We're also starting to see this issue coming back on Unity 2019.2.21f1. Regressed issue..

  2. Pyr3z

    Sep 19, 2022 18:09

    We're seeing a major resurgence of this in 2019.2.21f1, which previously fixed this issue. 12k out of 900k users crash (worldwide), and 87% are iOS 15/16.

    I vote this issue = REGRESSED

  3. Pyr3z

    Oct 14, 2021 18:12

    Can confirm, not fixed in 2018.4.14f1.
    Claiming it is fixed in 2018.4.X is misleading.

  4. d-chetverikov

    Jul 03, 2020 13:58

    Currently receiving similar crash on unity 2018.4.22f1 on iOS 13.5.1 (17F80) and iPad (5th generation). Bug is not fixed completely.

  5. xman800

    Feb 15, 2020 16:29

    Just got this exact crash with 2018.4.16f1 and iOS 13.3.1. This issue is listed as being resolved in that version of Unity (

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