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Fixed in 2017.4.X



Found in


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Animated Procedural Textures break async level loading



how to reproduce:
build player (any platform will do) and run. To repro in editor open loader scene and play.
you can tweak TestLoad.cs to load Test_Simple scene instead to see that it will work just fine

original bug was happening because ios does async level load for "first scene" (thats different from all other platforms)
and due to the way we manage splash screen it resulted in black screen (faded-out splash screen rendering)

Expected fix in plugin from Allegorithmic.

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  1. Thermos

    Nov 30, 2017 02:54

    Not only level async loading is effected, all AsyncOpertion would be blocked if this bug happens, including Resources.LoadAsync()(I'm pretty sure about this one).

    If you refocus unity, or simply call Resources.Load(), all those hanging async opertions would be finished at once, but you can't do Resources.Load() every update as a workaround because Resources.Load() takes much much much much more time(0.01ms -> 80ms) than it usually would cost if this bug is happening.

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