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[iOS] [Asset Bundle] Asset Bundles take excessive amounts of memory

Asset Bundles


Reproduction Steps:
1. Download User provided stripped projects
2. Open "AssetBundlesVsResourcesPrefab" project

//---- Test loading from Asset Bundles ----//
3. Build Asset Bundle ("Assets/AssetBundles/Build AssetBundles")
4. Store assetBundles somewhere (Tested on macOS Apachectl)
5. Change assetBundle url in file "AssetBundleManager/Resources/AssetBundleServerURL"
6. Build and Deploy to iOS device
7. Look in Xcode, how much memory does it take
8. Click GUI button "Load From Asset Bundle"
9. Look in Xcode, how much memory does it take now

//--- Test loading from Resources ----//
10. Rename "AB" folder to "Resources"
11. Build and Deploy to iOS device
12. Look in Xcode, how much memory does it take
13. Click GUI button "Load From Resources"
14. Look in Xcode, how much memory does it take now

Note: Test results are down in the edits

Expected results: Equal or just a bit larger amounts of memory are used by asset bundles.
Actual results: On larger project difference between resources and asset bundles get pretty big (80MB difference on original user project).

Reproduced on devices: iPhone 6 Plus iOS 10.1, iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.2

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  1. 599287585fe5fb950fd8b551ecee03a9?d=mm


    Oct 29, 2017 21:35

    Still present in 5.6.4 on iPad mini 2 with iOS 10.3.3 and iPod touch with iOS 9.3.5.
    Since unloading a bundle on iOS seems to cause some references within scenes to become null when reloaded from AssetCatalogues after unloading (might be an unreported bug), assetBundles and ODR are practically unusable at this moment.
    I really wonder how others get around this.... almost qustioning my sanity here, because this is so essential that it is hard to belief that nobody else noticed. My fix for now will be reducing the number of individual bundles to an absolute minimum.

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