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[iOS][AppleTV] Apps with .xcframework or .framework plugins fails to to run when running on Simulator device



*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Open the attached "" project

2. Go to File > Build Profiles and ensure that the iOS Platform is enabled

3. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Other Settings and set Target SDK to Simulator SDK

4. Go to Assets > Plugins > iOS and ensure that the "analytics.framework" plugin settings include iOS Platform settings

5. Build the Xcode project

6. Build to the iOS Simulator device

*Actual results:* Build fails with the errors - 

Undefined symbol: _CallTheCallback
Undefined symbol: _RegisterCallback
Linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
*Expected results:* Build is successful, pressing "Test" button prints logs in the console

*Reproducible with versions:* (2021.3.29f1, 2022.3.30f1) - app builds, but fails to launch on the device,  2023.1.15f1, 6000.0.4f1

*Not reproducible with versions:* 

*Can't test with versions:* 2023.1.14f1 - fails to build to the simulator UUM-46899

*Tested on (OS):* 

- MacBook Pro, Apple M1 Max, OS: 14.4.1

* Reproducible with all Plugin CPU settings
* Reproducible both with iOS and tvOS simulators
* Reproducible also with tvOS device

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