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inertiaTensor does not reset to the original value when setting Rigidbody constraints from FreezeAll to None



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project "ReproProj"
2. Open the “/Assets/Scenes/SampleScene.unity” Scene
3. Enter the Play Mode
4. Observe the cube

Expected result: The cube is rotating, then stops for a few seconds and continues to rotate again
Actual result: The cube is rotating, then stops and does not continue to rotate

Reproducible with: 2022.2.0a8, 2022.3.16f1, 2023.2.4f1, 2023.3.0b1
Not reproducible with: 2021.3.33f1, 2022.2.0a7

Reproducible on: Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2
Not reproducible on: No other environment tested

- Reproducible with Windows Standalone Player
- Reproducible with Android Player
- Reproducible with IL2CPP and Mono

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  1. chunglv

    Feb 13, 2024 07:25

    Let's fix all these issues:
    3D Physics: inertiaTensor does not reset to the original value when setting Rigidbody constraints from FreezeAll to None (UUM-59748)

    Asset Bundles: UV1 data is lost during AssetBundle build when Optimize Mesh Data is on (UUM-57201)

    Audio Authoring: Crash on AudioUtil_CUSTOM_HasAudioCallback when exiting Play Mode while the Inspector is displaying a GameObject with a script attached (UUM-58481)

    Audio Authoring: [Error] Game object with AudioListener and OnAudioFilterRead throws an error when drawing the inspector (UUM-61145)

    Audio Random Container: Memory leak when creating ARC prefab (UUM-61023)

    Audio Random Container: Undoing loses ARC reference on an audio source (UUM-62119)

    Culling: Crash on PrepareDrawShadowsCommandStep1 when selecting a camera while the Occlusion Culling window is open (UUM-506)

    DirectX12: Crash on D3D12Fence::Wait when using Forward+ Rendering Path with Better Shaders asset (UUM-57113)

    HD RP: Prefab preview thumbnails are not being rendered when a Project uses HDRP (UUM-60000)

    HD RP: [AMD] Crash on GfxDeviceD3D12Base::DrawBuffersCommon when Baking Light with Virtual Offset on Probe Volumes (UUM-59522)

    IAP: [Android] The Player crashes with a "JNI ERROR (app bug)" error when the global reference table gets overflowed by BillingClientStateListener (UUM-55105)

    IL2CPP: IL2CPP error is thrown and the build fails when building project for the WebGL platform (UUM-62523)

    IL2CPP: [Android] Crash on Android when AndroidJavaProxy is calling from multiple threads (UUM-49357)

    Input: Crash on InputDeviceIOCTL when closing Unity editor (UUM-10774)

    Metal: [iOS] App crashes with out of memory exception in UnityGfxDeviceWorker when starting the app (UUM-55488)

    Mono: Crash in CollectManagedImportDependencyGetters inside OpenScene in batch mode (UUM-57742)

    Platform Audio: [Linux] No audio output when playing audio (UUM-53143)

    Progressive Lightmapper: The Editor becomes unresponsive and memory allocation errors are spammed in the Console when Generating Lightning (UUM-58017)

    Scene Management: Crash on GameObject::QueryComponentByType when opening a project (UUM-58461)

    Scripting Buildtime: Unclearable nunit error when installing/uninstalling the Entities package on a new project (UUM-58284)

    UI Toolkit Controls: Editor crashes when multi-selecting GameObjects with more than one serialized [Flags] enum (UUM-60654)

    Universal RP: Memory leak when Application.runInBackground is set to false and the Editor is unfocused (UUM-63345)

    WebRequest: UnityWebRequest crashes if invoked when player is quitting (UUM-63150)

    <And same in other versions.>

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