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Incorrect Root Motion in Transition Preview




Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

This issue only happens in the context of an animation preview (Inspector) of a SM “Transition” that uses root motion.

Issue: RM animation is incorrect in the animation preview, looks like 2x transforms, but is correct at runtime.

- open attached project and scene
- select character GO and open Animator
- select a Transition and open Inspector previewer
- set playback speed to”0.1”
- play & scrub animation preview…
Bug: root motion is messed up (looks like 2x transforms)
Expected: same as runtime, root motion looks correct.

This is NOT repo in 5.6.4p3

Bug was introduced in 2017.1.0
Because alpha & beta builds have issues blocking proper bisection (project window + importer issues)…
Earliest version I was able to repro this in is…
Version 2017.1.0f1 (4d7fe18a2f34)
Branch: 2017.1/release

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