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incorrect default interpolation type when using double-click to create a key



When creating keys in-between existing keys (default Auto-Clamped), created keys are expected to be the same interpolation type as adjacent keys, in this case Auto-Clamped). This works as expected with all keying methods (key button, hotkey, inspector add key), but gives an unexpected interpolation type when double-clicking on a curve to add a key... in this case results in Free Smooth, when expecting Auto-Clamped.

- create a cube and new animation clip
- create a default (Auto-Clamped) key at time 0 & 30
- open AW curve editor
- goto frame 10
- double-click one of the curves to add a key...
bug: key type is Free Smooth (see InterpolationType_bug.gif)
expected key type is Auto-Clamped (see expectedResult.gif)

Repro in…
Version 2018.1.7f1 (4cb482063d12)
Branch: 2018.1/release

Not repro in…
Version 2017.4.15f1 (5d485b4897a7)
Branch: 2017.4/staging

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