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[Backend] "Disconnecting is no longer implemented" error appears while deleting UI prefab asset

Scene Management


1. Add Canvas to the hierarchy
2. Add Text UI element ad a child of canvas
3. Add Horizontal Layout Group on Canvas
4. Make a prefab out of canvas
5. Delete prefab asset
==> A few errors appear "Disconnecting is no longer implemented
UnityEngine.RectTransform:set_drivenByObject(RectTransform, Object)
UnityEngine.DrivenRectTransformTracker:Clear() (at D:/CustomUnity/Trunk/Runtime/Transform/ScriptBindings/RectTransform.bindings.cs:94)"

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  1. akkip6526

    Jun 01, 2019 05:29

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  2. A_Vrankie

    Nov 18, 2018 14:56

    Since Google is now pointing towards this post, here's the answer:

    As explained by unity in this post:

    You need to use "unpack Prefab" in the right click menu, to unlink the prefab before deleting the prefab in the project view.

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