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[Improved Prefabs] ArgumentException raises when user tries to use "Open Prefab Asset" menu item on model's child

Scene Management


1. Add GameObject to the Hierarchy
2. Add 3D model with children to that GameObject
3. Make a prefab asset out of it
4. Expand 3D model and right-click on one of its children
5. Choose "Open Prefab Asset" menu item
"ArgumentException: Incorrect file extension: Assets/Industrial machine.fbx. Must be '.prefab'Parameter name: Assets/Industrial machine.fbx" error appears

Repo on latest trunk (2019.1.0a10) and 2018.3.0b12

Note: You can find 3d Model with children attached

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  1. tonytopper

    Jan 12, 2022 00:24

    Having the same problem with Prefabs created with the PSD Importer regarding PSB files. Using Unity 2021.2.x

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