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[Improved Prefab] Override indicator won't show when the "Renderer" Module is enabled or disabled in the particle system

Visual Effects - Legacy


Note: Bug reported against Improved Prefabs build but underlying issue is an old one: That the Renderer module header doesn't go through SerializedProperty like the other module headers do.

Override indicator (It's a blue line which comes next to the edited property and the property name being bold) won't show when the "Renderer" Module is enabled or disabled and its pivot property's "X" or "Y" is changed in the particle system

Steps to Repro:
1. Open attached or create a new project
2. Hierarchy window > right click
3. Effects > particle system
4. Drag the particle in the project window to create its prefab
5. Uncheck or disable "Renderer" module
6. Click on "Renderer" to expand it
7. Change "Pivot" property 'X' and 'Y' value

Actual Result:
1. Override indicator won't show next to renderer module
2. It shows up for other modules of the particle
3. It won't show next to pivot property
4. It shows when "Pivot" 'Z' value is changed

Expected Result:
Override indicator should come up next to renderer

Windows & Mac

Occurring with:
Version 2018.3.0a4 (e10bd691e1ef)
Mon, 25 Jun 2018 15:31:25 GMT
Branch: prefabs/improved

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