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[Hub] Project "Remove from list" option is behind notifications when selecting the most bottom project in the list



Reproduction steps:
1. Open Unity Hub
2. You need to have some projects in the list (so that the projects go at least to the bottom of the window)
3. A status message needs to be visible (instructions on how to force one in Notes below)
4. Hit three dots (burger button) on a project that is at the bottom of the projects visible

Expected result: All three options: "Reveal in Finder", "Advanced Project Settings", "Remove from list" will be visible and clickable
Actual result: "Remove from list" option is not visible and impossible to click because it is covered by the status message

Reproducible with: Hub 2.3.2

1. The easiest way to force a notification to appear is to create a new project with hub and enable Cloud Build (via services) for it. Before shutting Unity down, quit Hub, then quit Editor and re-launch the Hub. "New Cloud projects are available, hit refresh to add them in the projects list" message will now be visible indefinitely (or until you choose to hit refresh)
2. This can be done with any message (version already in the list, etc.) but the message made in Note 1 makes this easy because it does not disappear
3. In 2020-08-07 13-52-41.mp4 I reproduce the issue myself
4. Some images are attached (initial bug submission files)

  1. Resolution Note:

    Fixed in Hub 2.4.0 - Beta

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