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HoloLens holograms warp and pivot despite correct setting of stabilisation plane



How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Switch platform to UWP
3. Build and Deploy to HoloLens
4. Once the app is running gaze anywhere at the spatial mesh to reposition the content
5. Airtap to place the content
6. Now gaze at a nearby object (e.g. the small green sphere) and move your head side to side or up and down and note how more distant objects (e.g. the red box) move significantly, seeming to 'hinge' around the focused object
7. Airtap to switch to the 'Static' stabilisation mode and try bobbing your head up and down, note how now the objects instead of hingeing, seem to squash and stretch

Actual result: Despite the correct setting of the stabilisation plane (SetFocusPointForFrame) rendered pixels lying not precisely on the stabilisation plane have far worse stability when the headset moves than pixels on the stabilisation plane

Reproduced with: 2018.1.0b11, 2018.2.0a5
Not reproduced with: 2017.3.2f1

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  1. 4e6748aef5961bb6ae0195d29a597ce5?d=mm


    May 03, 2018 21:36

    Justed tested and reproduced in 2018.1.0f2 (with HoloToolkit-Unity-2017.2.1.2)

  2. 4e6748aef5961bb6ae0195d29a597ce5?d=mm


    May 03, 2018 20:10

    No issue with Unity 2017.1.3f1 (with HoloToolkit-Unity-v1.2017.1.2), but this bug is clearly noticeable in Unity 2017.4.2f2 (with HoloToolkit-Unity-2017.2.1.2).

    Just tried to catch this on video like described above and it is indeed hardly noticeable on video if at all. Video recording drops to 30HZ and composites holograms on top of color camera stream. The color stream seems to be stabilized itself. The experience for a HoloLens wearer is different from what a video will show you.

  3. Fb2caa50e82513b242a0f007a9c29926?d=mm


    Apr 25, 2018 16:39

    From the HoloLens forum

    " I've seen the internal data against that bug via a friend at Unity and their repro methods are nonsense (e.g. they're posting MRC videos as a demonstration that the stabilisation is working, but MRC will be bypassing stabilisation altogether, so I'd contend the QA on this isn't sufficiently well acquainted with HoloLens and what stabilization actually is in order to really understand the bug). I'm making efforts to try and get Microsoft to pay attention to the existence of the bug and explain it to someone inside Unity at an engineer level, but my suspicion is we're part of a small minority who cares enough about visual quality to notice this and see it as a problem."

    "the 'original' bug was this one which is similar but much more extreme (i.e. it's basically as though you hadn't set the stabilisation plane at all). That's a separate bug, but predictably the one I've posted above frequently gets mixed up with that one and I get told it's been fixed."

  4. 8b8396495e04191012f6ffb7cc6621df?d=mm


    Apr 04, 2018 10:49

    The severity indicates 'Workaround is possible'. Does that just mean 'you can use a different version of Unity'? Or does it indicate there is actually a way round this? If the latter could you clarify what that is?

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