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[Hololens] Cannot deploy app bundle via App Manager portal

Having trouble deploying an app bundle.

- Deploy will fail outright when I do not add dependencies.
- Deploy will succeed if I add all "*.appx" files under Dependencies/ directory, but then refuses to launch.


A bit more investigation has yielded a few different results when deploying with different build settings. See google sheet linked in comments.

TLDR: App will deploy but not run with the following configuration:
Scripting Runtime: Stable (.NET 3.5 Equivalent)
Scripting Backend: .NET
Solution Configuration: x86 (Master)

The deployment issue appears to be separate, and in relation to attempting an installation of the app on to a Hololens where a previous version of the app is already installed. I managed to work around the error message by uninstalling the existing app and then deploying again. What strikes me as strange about this is I do not get the typical error message, but the one mentioned in

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