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[HDRP][RTX] RTR does not seem to reflect what they should in a player



Repro steps :
- Open attached project (HDRP template)
- Open scene called "SampleScene"
- Make sure that RTR shows the unity ball in the decal puddle
- Now either build or launch the .exe in the binaries folder

Expected : The result should be the same in build than in the editor
Result: We can't see the unity ball, only some of the reflections far away can be seen.

Additional info :
- Also need to have a look if it's expected to not be able to see SSR full screen debug modein player without runtime debug shader (in HDRP Global settings) checked.
- Could not repro in 2022.2.0a4

Environment :
- Windows 10
- Unity 2022.2.0a8 / trunk
- HDRP 14.0.2

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