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[HDRP] Camera Clipping planes ranges allow for unsupported user input

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


If a user inputs a Near Clipping Plane value of .03 or less or 1048577 or higher, then shadows will no longer render properly. In the specific case of Temporal Anti-Aliasing being the Anti-Aliasing mode that is currently set, the game view will only render the skybox and nothing else.

Repro Steps:
1. Launch the HDRP Template Project
2. Select the Main Camera game object which is under PlayerControllerFPS
3. Set the Near Clipping Plane to .03 or lower, or the Far Clipping Plane to 1048577 or higher.

Actual Results:
When the near clipping plane is below the supported range, or the far clipping plane is beyond the supported range, shadows and/or objects will not render properly.

Expected Results:
Either values would be clamped into their supported ranges, or ranges below and beyond the stated values should be supported. For example, competitor products support infinite as a value for the far clipping plane.

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