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HDRP Camera Binder throws error

Visual Effects


HDRP Camera Binder throws errors and its depthBuffer and colorBuffer properties are not working:

Error assigning 2DArray texture to (null) texture property 'New Camera_depthBuffer': Dimensions must match
UnityEngine.VFX.Utility.VFXPropertyBinder:LateUpdate ()
Error assigning 2DArray texture to (null) texture property 'New Camera_colorBuffer': Dimensions must match
UnityEngine.VFX.Utility.VFXPropertyBinder:LateUpdate ()

1. Create a VFX graph with a Camera property exposed in the blackboard, and add it to the scene.
2. Add a HDRP Camera Binder component to the gameobject with the VisualEffect.
3. Set up the property binding:
- Select Main Camera as "Additional Data"
- Select the exposed Camera property as "Camera Property"
4. Have Game view visible and observe the errors. If the VFX graph is using the colorBuffer or depthBuffer properties from the exposed Camera property, it will get a gray texture instead of the exposed Camera buffers.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in 2022.1.0a7

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