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[HDRP] Area Lights are serialized incorrectly when using HD Render Pipeline

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Addition: Tube and Rectangle are types are also serialized as Point type
Area Light type: Disc also is not serialized correctly (reproduce in 2018.3.0a1) (not HDRP related)

To reproduce:
1. Open any project and import script attached "PrintLightType.cs"
2. Add HD Render Pipeline Package from Package Manager
3. In Hierarchy window, add area light: Right-click > Light > Area Light
3. In main toolbar, go to Support > Print scene lights type

Result: light.type and isAreaLight returns incorrect type

Reproduced in: 2018.3.7f1, 2019.1.0b6, 2019.2.0a7

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    Resolution Note:

    This cannot be fixed.

    In order to support realtime area light, we must use Point type in Light component in order to not have our area light being culled at runtime.
    In HDAdditionnalLightData, there is a secondary type LightTypeExtent to determine which kind of "Point" light it is (Punctual, RectangleArea or TubeArea).

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