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[HDRP APV] Probe values change when subdivision levels are adjusted



We discussed with Adrien and not sure if this is an intended behaviour so making a report to track and clarify. When subdivision level is changed, some probes dont change position (which is expected) but for some reason the value of captured light changes.

1) Open spotlight tunnel project apv branch
2) Load main scene, then add Day
3) Bake lighting.
4) Switch to the first camera
5) Take a screenshot of the probes
6) Reduce the APV simplification levels from 27m to 9m
7) Bake
8) Take screenshot
9) Compare the results

Expected: The probes that did not move, should not change visually because they receive the same amount of light as before.
Actual: The probes that did not move get brighter/darker, sometimes light angle changes.

Note: In the screenshots red brick outlines are missing for a portion of probes, im not sure whats this about but its not the core problem of this fogbuz.
Tested on apv-staging2

  1. Resolution Note:

    Number of steps is not high enough so result doesn't converge
    When order of probes changes ie when subdiv count changes, values changes

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