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Group framing options of framing transposer disappear

Package: Cinemachine Classic


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It happens for me each time i change a script.
The Group Framing Mode comes back after i press play and stop once. (When in play mode the group framing is not working)
Unity 2020.3.0f1 & Cinemachine 2.6.4.

I created a new empty project but I was not able to reproduce the exact same issue I have.
The Group Framing Mode still disappears after a recompile, but when i press play it comes back immediately (as oppose to after i press stop in my original project)

Just change something in the TestScript to force a recompile and the Group Framing Mode should disappear.

Is is also possible to fix by resetting the follow target, or reselect Framing Transposer as the Body

Repro project attached

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    Resolution Note (fix version 2.8.0-pre.1):

    This was fixed, when CMCL-237 was fixed. (2.8.0-exp.1, 2.8.0-pre.1

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