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Grid Gizmo is visible through the Scene Game Objects when the Post Processing Layer is used on the Camera

Package: PostProcessing


How to reproduce:
# Open the attached project ("Post Processing Grid Gizmo and enter the "test" scene
# Click on the Main Camera and add a "Post Process Layer" component to it
# Observe the two cubes

Expected result: the grid gizmos are not visible through the cubes

Actual result: the grid gizmos are visible even though they're blocked from view by the cubes

Reproduced in: Post Processing 2.1.3; 2.1.0

Comments (8)

  1. scratcher600

    Nov 16, 2022 00:23

    i'm getting this on standard pipeline too which sucks.

  2. scratcher600

    Nov 16, 2022 00:22

    this is soooooo annoying! i first ran into this on a 2018 version of unity. but I'm still getting it on 2021.3.13! which is the newest LTS release of unity! but no they still have not fixed it :(

  3. Ar7ific1al

    Aug 06, 2021 04:12

    Still present in 2019.4.29f1 LTS! I love seeing the grid through everything in the scene with post processing on. (That's sarcasm.)

  4. transgwenderproud

    Mar 25, 2021 00:54

    Just ran into this issue too, and it's absolutely annoying. Please, fix this

  5. inSight01

    Jan 31, 2021 08:23

    This is an incredibly annoying bug. This happens even when using Pro-Grids.

    I'd use the Universal Render Pipeline but there are features of the built-in renderer that I use that aren't available (or as good) in the Universal Render Pipeline.

    Please fix this.

  6. Hi_ImTemmy

    Dec 23, 2020 13:38

    Just hit this in 2019.4.8f1 Very annoying because it makes the scene view so messy to work with.

  7. hamik166

    Dec 05, 2020 21:17

    A very critical bug that is not getting fixed for years.

    for people who find this on google, if you see the grid through gameobjects then you can do nothing to fix it, you have to vote this issue and pray.

  8. andreiagmu

    Jul 14, 2019 06:05

    I'm having a very similar issue with Post Processing Layer and gizmos, on 2019.1.2f1.
    In my case, ALL gizmos are being affected by the Post Processing Layer.

    When I activate the Post Processing Layer component, the gizmos that should be fully/partially blocked from view (by other scene objects) appear in full opacity instead (and overlaying the scene objects), as if the gizmos are not blocked from view.

    I guess Post Processing Layer is messing with the gizmos' Z-depth test or something...
    I first noticed this issue after I upgraded to Unity 2019, so maybe this issue with Post Processing doesn't happen on Unity 2018.

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