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GetHolesLODInfo doesn't match the content of the HeightmapSubRegion holes array



Heightmap::GetHolesLODInfo returns kPatchHasSurfaceOnly for the patch I am interested in, but after extracting the HeightmapSubRegion the m_RawHoles are all 0 which means hole.

1. Download and extract this repro project:
2. Compile an editor from
3. Open t1 scene;

Expected result:
One of the LOD related asserts should fire if the patch is fully covered by holes, but the returned holeInfo is kPatchHasSurfaceOnly:
Assert(holeInfo != Heightmap::kPatchHasNoSurface);
Assert(holeInfo != Heightmap::kPatchHasDirtyHoles);

Actual result:
Assert(holeCount != m_HeightmapSubRegion.m_RawHoles.size()); fires (entire patch is covered by holes).

The patch in question is (0,1) which corresponds to UV bounds 0.0, 0.25, 0.25, 0.25.

This issue is preventing GI baking from working.

  1. Resolution Note:

    GetHolesLODInfo Works as intended

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